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Austin Rapper Encourages Students to Study Math and Get ‘Mo’ Money’ (KXAN, October 2017)

TCFV Music Video Empowers Domestic Violence Victims (KXAN, October 2017)

SaulPaul Featured on KUTX Studio 1A 98.9 and VuHaus(KUTX, September 2017)

SaulPaul, A Musician with a Message – Feature on Live Looping

Musicians Woodshed: An Intimate Performance with SaulPaul featuring songs from the new album, We Dream in 3D

SaulPaul Brings Inspiration to the Seattle Youth Employment Program

Music Biz 101 Interviews SaulPaul about His Career, Life and the Upcoming Album, We Dream in 3D

SaulPaul Performs a Special Recovery Unplugged Event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

SaulPaul Brings Music and Hope to Prime Time Summer Academy

SaulPaul Brings Hope to Youth in Florida

SaulPaul’s New Single, RISE, from the Upcoming Album, We Dream in 3D, has been officially added on Bill Child’s Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

Tour Stop: SaulPaul Celebrates with The Recording Academy – Atlanta Chapter’s 50th Anniversary

SaulPaul Brings “We Dream in 3D” Music Experience to Atlanta, GA

SaulPaul Takes “Dream in 3D” to Arkansas and Ignites the Crowd

For 3rd Year in a Row, SaulPaul Returns to Community Youth Development Program with Music and Message

SaulPaul Empowers Youth to Use Songwriting and Music Production to Uplift Their Community at Hip Hop Architecture Camp

Freedom Schools Austin, Literacy and Life Learning Program, Welcomes SaulPaul’s We Dream in 3D Music and Movement

Summer Nights with Live Music and a Sunset with SaulPaul at The Oasis 

SaulPaul Performs at NYC’s Webster Hall for the Sync Summit Conference

Interview: SaulPaul Discusses Entrepreneurship, Music and Upcoming Album, We Dream in 3D at Annual Music Biz Conference in Nashville

Austin Culture Map: Meet the big winners of the Austin Under 40 Awards for 2017

Austin Business Journal: 2017 AU40 winners unveiled in categories from media to nonprofits

Austin Insider Blog: SaulPaul on Artists to Watch List at SXSW

Grammy Pro features SaulPaul: Texas Chapter Board Spotlight

Grammy U Article – Dallas Baptist University’s GRAMMY U Kick-Off!


UT Alumnus Spreads Empowering Story through Motivational Music – THE DAILY TEXAN

SaulPaul: The Messenger and the Message – SOULCITI

SaulPaul Recap Rap: Dr. Brené Brown [SXSW AUDIO]

SaulPaul Recap Rap: President Barack Obama [SXSW AUDIO]

SaulPaul Recap Rap: Casey Gerald [SXSW AUDIO]

SaulPaul on Creating Recap Raps for SXSW Interactive [SXSW]

Austin Music Industry Awards Recognize Background Heroes – The Austinot

Texas On Tour Hits the Road Promoting Texas featuring SaulPaul

SaulPaul Delivers Hope and Inspiration through Music

“Rise, rise and open your eyes. Now is the time for you to shine. Rise, rise and open your eyes. Now is the time for you to shine.”

That was the message acoustic rap artist SaulPaul brought to youth in Portland last week. Wearing a tee-shirt emblazoned with the words, Education Not Incarceration, he spoke to children and teens involved in the juvenile justice system at a special event in the Multnomah County boardroom, Feb. 5.

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Austin American Statesman features SaulPaul: Versatile Artist Now Music Spokesman

SaulPaul invited to represent Austin in the ATX Airstream Summer Road Tour hosted by the The Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The Austin Music Foundation features SaulPaul as AMF Artist of the Month

Mashable features SaulPaul’s 2013 Official SXSW Recap Raps catches wind of SaulPaul’s SXSW Recap Raps

Tate Publishing to market and distribute the 2nd edition of SaulPaul’s book Dream in 3D

University of Texas at Austn awards the 1st ever Young Alumni Award to SaulPaul

SaulPaul Returns to the University of Texas to Reveal The Dream In 3D Project

SaulPaul to perform at Phillips Arena in Atlanta to kick off national release of Dream in 3D project (Details Coming Soon)

SaulPaul nominated for the esteemed honor of being a Texas State Artist. Texas State Artists will be designated by the Texas State Legislature sometime between January and May 2013, during the 83rd legislative session.

SaulPaul performs at the Cutting Edge Music Festival

SaulPaul’s Official SXSW Recap Raps are now up!

Rise Austin welcomes SaulPaul as part of the Austin Music Entrepreneur Summit

The Merge Showcase come to Austin during SXSW – SaulPaul announced as host

ReRoute Music Group Launch Party with special guest, SaulPaul

SuperBowl XLVI welcomes back SaulPaul to perform


Born with a Purpose: Multifaceted Musician overcomes struggle and aspires to inspire

The story of sin and redemption is a cliché. But there’s a grain of truth to a cliché, and the truth is a buff and charismatic man standing with a classical guitar before a group of students at Manor Excel Academy. He is the rapper, filmmaker, speaker and author known as SaulPaul, he of the “Tower to Tower” CD and DVD, with a sequel on the way in the spring.

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SaulPaul is A Musician with a Message

This article highlights how SaulPaul performed and engaged a crowd of over 800 people from diverse backgrounds and musical taste…And still rocked the crowd!!!

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SaulPaul steals the show [- Hide ]

SaulPaul was invited to participate in one of the premiere artistic events in Austin, TX – The Hip Hop Theatre Explosion – and he stole the show with an awe-inspiring performance.

The reviewer is quoted as saying, “With a performance truly unlike any you have seen, SaulPaul interacts with the crowd, stopping the tune here or there to tell you a little of his past – from the foster home, to the University, to the pen and back. When freestyling, “This is not just hip-hop, this is real art,” he said, speaking for every artist in the room.

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Self Proclaimed Cool Looking Black Guy

SaulPaul has charisma. And his stage presence is so magnetic, he can work any crowd. It’s one reason, his unique mash up of hip hop and singer/songwriter music connects with and moves every audience he stands before. The review reads as follows…

When spoken-word artist and self-described “cool-looking black guy” SaulPaul waved his hand between himself and the audience and said, “This barrier right here … it’s officially broken,” he set the tone for the night. Walls were coming down.

Through hip-hop verse, music, and narrative, SaulPaul told his hard life story without blame or apology, morphing from foster child to scholarship student at UT to inmate at the state pen to UT student again. He’s a disarming raconteur. He finished with improvised spoken word; as the audience shouts out words, he writes them on his arm, then turns them into hip-hop poetry. (Off the cuff, he matched “banana” with Tony Danza and “swelling” with cerebellum.)

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